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Bad Ideas are my forte.

▲ Please provide the following:
     ⤷ character(s): yours, mine, a combo, someone you think I might be able to write.
     ⤷ a prompt: image, music, words, bad ideas, scenarios, etc.

▲ Warning: You may receive your drabble far, far into the future.
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Alice and Luther;

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Nick Fury and Steve Rogers and Phil Coulson and Maria Hill.

See this tumblr post.

Alternately, Jensen discovers fibre arts.
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- at the end of everything; facing the twilight of the gods


Meister Tailor
- time to wash some socks beyond any doubt uncovered by the enemy state; these are the final minutes before whatever polite official/jackbooted thug du jour appears at/beats down the door.

- only eight more hours to go.



- reestablishing some underworld credibility; finally confronting an unusually noxious loose end.
music: http://youtu.be/nAFHUt11fWM

A Fox
- imparting a lesson to the next generation.

- a breakthrough; contact is established.

Bonus combinations!

Réjean vs Njoki
- having sustained aggravated damage (there may have been rivals with blessed weapons it's not important and no one needs to know) Réjean is faced with the necessity to negotiate for some supernatural medical assistance.

Sebastian vs Doul
- chance meeting at the library.

... i'll be back.