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2025-12-21 01:33 pm

(mostly) friendslocked

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2016-10-08 08:04 pm

Yuletide 2016

O most glorious Yulegoat,

I'd really like to thank you so much for agreeing to write something for a total stranger. In all honesty, I am mostly harmless and am entirely confident that I will be genuinely enthused about whatever lovely thing you send my way.

On the whole, I adore all things plotty. I am particularly fond of case fics, heists, political intrigue, and people being far too clever for their own good. I am mad for world-building, especially for Rivers of London and have no qualms or quibbles about original characters or writing about characters that you haven't been formally 'assigned'.

I've no problems saucy vs non-saucy writing and am good with any rating from gen to explicit. I do enjoy an interesting AU, but I'm not overly fond of them. (Still, if you need to do the AU of your dreams to make this fic work, I trust you.) Horror, humour, and general oddness are just fine by me - after all, I am requesting fandoms with Lovecraftian monsters, necromancers, and all manner of Bad Ideas.

I am not particularly a fan of curtain/domestic fic, babies and pregnancy being the main focus or plotline, or main character death. (Caveat: if it's a really good end, I will leave it up to your discretion.) Finally, I request that you avoid any Alzheimer/mental degeneration themes. (Again, I mention this because Rivers of London and The Laundry Files.)

If all these requests don't work for you, that's fine too. Write something that makes you happy. If you go off and write something wildly unexpected, but that genuinely fills you with authorly glee, it'll make me happy to. What I want most of all is for you to have fun!

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2015-10-26 05:25 pm


O most glorious Yulegoat,

2015 )
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2013-12-25 11:07 pm

Festivities! Both actual, and non-existent.

The big family gathering (30-40 people) was called off on account of ice, snow, and no power. Most of my family in Toronto still have no hydro and while they're the sort of people who're prepared to tough out a week without heat in the middle of winter, it is still hard going. I have been calling all the elderly relatives once a day to make sure they're still alive and well.

The smaller family gathering (15ish people) was easy enough to cook for out of my own, small family kitchen and it went fairly well, I feel. There was some discomfort around a gift-giving thing but I will endure. The 'thing' being that I did not get any gifts this year. Every year previous to this one my mum gives me some ridiculous thing that she thinks is perfect and is almost invariably pretty terrible. One year, I got six tins of tuna and a bottle of black currant juice, another year I got two cheesegraters. Anyway, this year, she decided that since I am trying to get rid of things in the house that we don't need any longer (...like her collection of 100+ dried citrus fruits), that I would be happiest without gifts. Which is fine, I do not require new or additional things, but I could've done without the scene when one of my younger cousins called me over to open presents with everyone else and then realized there was nothing with my name on it.

Anyway, typical family ridonk aside, I did receive a lovely Yuletide fic. Behold the wonder that is Golly, What A Day. A most delicious case-fic for 'The Unusuals'. Go forth, read it, rejoice. I did.
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2013-11-29 02:20 pm

Festive Junk.

Leave your address in a screened comment and I will attempt to send you a CARD and possibly cheap crap in the mail. Aww, yiss.
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2013-03-08 02:46 pm

Bad Ideas are my forte.

▲ Please provide the following:
     ⤷ character(s): yours, mine, a combo, someone you think I might be able to write.
     ⤷ a prompt: image, music, words, bad ideas, scenarios, etc.

▲ Warning: You may receive your drabble far, far into the future.