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takhys ([personal profile] takhys) wrote2015-10-26 05:25 pm


O most glorious Yulegoat,

I'd really like to thank you so much for agreeing to write something for a total stranger. In all honesty, I am mostly harmless and am entirely confident that I will be genuinely enthused about whatever lovely thing you send my way.

With Hellenistic Religion as an outlier, you might've noticed some thematic trends between the fandoms I've picked. On the whole, I adore all things plotty. I am particularly fond of case fics, heists, political intrigue, and people being far too clever for their own good. I am mad for world-building, especially for Rivers of London and have no qualms or quibbles about original characters or writing about characters that you haven't been formally 'assigned'.

I've no problems saucy vs non-saucy writing and am good with any rating from gen to explicit. I do enjoy an interesting AU, but I'm not overly fond of them. (Still, if you need to do the AU of your dreams to make this fic work, I trust you.)

I am not particularly a fan of curtain/domestic fic, babies and pregnancy being the main focus or plotline, or main character death. (Caveat: if it's a really good end, I will leave it up to your discretion.) Finally, I request that you avoid any Alzheimer/mental degeneration themes. (Again, I mention this because Rivers of London.)

If all these requests don't work for you, that's fine too. Write something that makes you happy.


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