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takhys ([personal profile] takhys) wrote2013-04-19 09:56 am

21 First Lines

I don't actually have twenty-one first lines, but here's what I've got:
  • In God's house the angels speak with their eyes; never their mouths. -- Crop Circles

  • We got off the bus and the heat hit me. -- Hope Street

  • Stark had been promising (threatening?) to take Allegra out for a night on the town for months and now that she'd finally managed to find a piece of blackmail vicious enough to convince the man, Vidocq found himself home alone for the first time since the living dead crawled up and out of the ground. -- Waste Not, Want Not

  • The precision of the pounding in his head was the only military thing left to him. -- The Man in the Wind

  • The sound he makes isn’t a laugh, but as he sits hunched over at the kitchen table, he can’t help but think that it would’ve been more apt if he’d had his midlife crisis at age nine. -- So Severe a Curve

  • The worrying thing is not the blood that's been liberally splashed around the room — very little of it John’s and far too much of it hers. - Untitled

  • "John here." -- He and I

  • Change has nestled into his chest like a heart lost to threadworms; settling into the hollow space behind his breastbone where the ache to return to the Scar used to lie. -- Patchwork

  • Her breath stank of the charnel house and so he sang to her. -- A Heron on the Bank

  • She doesn't trust this unwelcome stranger and keeps him pressed between the pages of Dennis Lee's Civil Elegies. -- Untitled

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