Dec. 25th, 2013

takhys: (endings)
The big family gathering (30-40 people) was called off on account of ice, snow, and no power. Most of my family in Toronto still have no hydro and while they're the sort of people who're prepared to tough out a week without heat in the middle of winter, it is still hard going. I have been calling all the elderly relatives once a day to make sure they're still alive and well.

The smaller family gathering (15ish people) was easy enough to cook for out of my own, small family kitchen and it went fairly well, I feel. There was some discomfort around a gift-giving thing but I will endure. The 'thing' being that I did not get any gifts this year. Every year previous to this one my mum gives me some ridiculous thing that she thinks is perfect and is almost invariably pretty terrible. One year, I got six tins of tuna and a bottle of black currant juice, another year I got two cheesegraters. Anyway, this year, she decided that since I am trying to get rid of things in the house that we don't need any longer ( her collection of 100+ dried citrus fruits), that I would be happiest without gifts. Which is fine, I do not require new or additional things, but I could've done without the scene when one of my younger cousins called me over to open presents with everyone else and then realized there was nothing with my name on it.

Anyway, typical family ridonk aside, I did receive a lovely Yuletide fic. Behold the wonder that is Golly, What A Day. A most delicious case-fic for 'The Unusuals'. Go forth, read it, rejoice. I did.